Shea and Carlyon, LTD Candace Carlyon Highly Unethical Law Firm

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Shea and Carlyon, LTD Candace Carlyon Highly Unethical Law Firm

It is our opinion that Shea and Carlyon are highly unethical in their practices.

We believe they often misrepresent the facts, violate civil rights and bend the rules to better their chance in collection efforts. We have talked to multiple attorneys who completely agree with us.

They try every trick in the book which crosses over the line of good legal practices. In our opinion, Shea and Carlyon care more about winning their collection efforts then following standard ethical rules. We believe this is the type of practice that hurt people and give attorneys a bad name.

In our opinion, Shea and Carlyon attorneys don't care how much they misrepresent the facts and hurt people. As collection attorneys for the most part they get to attack and not worry about the consequences. Now with the popularity of complaint sites on the Internet, the voices of the people they enjoy trying to destroy their lives can be heard and fight back.

If you have been hurt by misrepresentations or unethical behavior of Shea and Carlyon or their attorneys, please let people know by posting on consumer complaint sites including ripoff report, complaint board,, ,, and many more.

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The internet, like many tools, can be utilized in a positive or negative way. Bringing information to the public is clearly a positive, but the negative side of that free flow is the ability to post inaccurate reports under cover of anonymity. If you want to know an attorney's reputation among her peers, try, which posts peer review ratings ranging from A (the best) to C, followed by, in the case of attorneys judged to be highly ethical by their peers, the initial V. Thus, an A-V rating indicates that the lawyer's peers have judged her to be both highly skilled and ethical. I attained that rating and have held it for more than 20 years.

The American Board of Certification of Bankruptcy and Creditors' Rights Attorneys ( is the premier national organization for certification of attorneys in those areas of practice. Lawyers may be certified only after demonstrating their experience, and achieving a positive peer review, ethics review, and demonstration of abilties through both testing and continuing education. Attorneys must recertify every five years, again satisfying the peer review and education requirements. I am proud to have not only attained such certification, but, several years after my initial certification, to have been invited to join the board of directors of that organization and to have served as the chair of the standards committee, as well as a member of the executive committee.

A lawyer's personal integrity may also be observed by the time she devotes to organizations benefitting the public as well as the administration of justice. I serve as a volunteer on the Southern Nevada Disciplinary Board, the American Bankruptcy Institute's Southwest Conference Board of Directors, and also serve as a mediator for the Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program (where I have conducted dozens of homeowner mediations, in many cases resulting in homeowners avoiding foreclosure and saving their homes via mortgage modification). I also serve as a Nevada Supreme Court Settlement Judge, and a Short Trial Judge.

I would welcome the opportunity to respond to any concerns or complaints, just post your true name and telephone number and I will attempt to address them. Candace Carlyon


Candace Carlyon and Shea and Carlyon are

terrible attorneys.

They should change their ways or stop practicing law.


It is true SheaCarlyon is extremely hated.

No one I know has a decent thing to say about them.


SheaCarlyon is known for their unethical actions. They are despised by the legal profession.

Candace is known as the fat *** or worse in Nevada legal circles.


We agree with the post made about Shea and Carlyon and Candace Carlyon. As a las Vegas attorney that has seen the way they operate, I am glad to see that people are finally posting against Candace Carlyon and her unethical firm.


Someone needs to do something about Candace Carlyon.I could bet this is a legit complaint.

This woman is ruthless and way out of line. She breaks alot of rules and in my oppinion she has judges in her pocket. Hope you never have her she is not a reasonable lawyer and everyone in Las Vegas HATES HER!

She will definately have BAR complaints!..And its not the collection part that's a complaint its her practices at question!


If you have a legit complaint, call the state bar's ARDC and find out.If not, shut up - collection practice can seem unfair when it's your money they're after.

Doesn't make it so.Argue for legislative change if that's what it takes.

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